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Shenzhen Runchengtong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. was founded on August 8, 2007. Its main business scope includes: Runyoubao small package, South China Post small package, Europe, America and Japan FBA special line, American small package special line, Southeast Asia special line and other related businesses.

The company integrates high-quality logistics resources at home and abroad, and the company has opened a number of direct flights, and organized professional air transport, IT, and full tracking services. With skilled operation technology and related professional knowledge, we are committed to providing stable, efficient and guaranteed services for the majority of e-commerce companies, which can reach every country or region in the world.

The same world network, the same advantageous service, and different preferential prices!

With the service tenet of "survive by credibility and development by speed", we will take care of the overall needs of customers and provide personalized full transportation services with a rigorous, pragmatic and honest corporate culture.