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One-stop service for door-to-door pickup, transportation, customs clearance, delivery, and overseas warehouse

Runchengtong International Logistics adheres to the enterprise spirit of professionalism, dedication, and precision, adheres to the business philosophy of ethics and ethics, and relies on advanced technology and equipment to strictly control product quality and pursue 100% customer satisfaction.

Self-operated outletsService

Many domestic self-operated outlets, foreign company outlets, self-built teams, highly localized

The company relies on ten years of deep cultivation of Southeast Asia's advantages in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, the United States, and Malaysia. Set up local branches, establish self-operated outlets, and highly localized. Established in-depth cooperation with Black Cat, Hsinchu, JNE, Sagawa Express DHL UPS FEDEX, and obtained the qualification of general agent in China.

Professional logistics serviceImprove timeliness

[Intimate Service] + [Professional Transportation] + [Safe Entrustment]

Runchengtong International Logistics focuses on the development concept of industry-leading, high-quality, efficient, and customer-oriented, and provides customized services for VIP customers, including drop shipping, packaging, forwarding, overseas local review, door-to-door pickup, customized routes, and customs clearance , Multiple delivery, overseas warehouse and other integrated professional logistics solutions.

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  • Dedicated transportation

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  • Quick payment

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