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Talent recruitment

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Business Manager (5 with team experience) business representative (50)

1. The company is engaged in international express and air transport related business, through the network and telephone and other ways to develop customers.

2. According to the needs of customers, recommend the appropriate mode of transportation to customers.

3. Assist customer service to follow up the goods in transit.

4. Assist financial staff to collect accounts receivable.


1. There is no requirement for educational background, both students and proficient.

2. The salesman should have a good service attitude and good self-cultivation.

3. Do things from beginning to end, never give up.

4. Love sales. Shenzhen runchengtong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. sincerely invite sales heroes! Welcome to join us

5. The working hours are uncertain

6. High grade office buildings

Financial Assistant / A / P (5)


1. Assist to prepare, file and keep accounting documents;

2. Assist the supervisor to complete other routine work, daily company business in and out bills.


1. Understand the use of computer and office software, Kingdee system

2. Have a strong ability of independent learning and work, work steadfast, careful, proactive;

3. Good professional ethics and teamwork spirit, strong communication, understanding and analysis ability.

Join our team to provide you with quality benefits

1. Promotion space: Junior - intermediate - Senior - Supervisor - Manager - director;

2. Education and training: the company is committed to the construction of learning organization, investment for everyone's future; regular internal and external training.

3. Comfortable office environment: beautiful and comfortable working environment, relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere, humanized management;

4. Corporate culture construction: organize regular activities (dinner, karaoke, barbecue, mountaineering, sports and other projects).

5. Entertainment activities: once every one to two months to hold departmental activities; rich badminton, foreign language corner, book club and other community activities; irregular sports activities;

[salary and welfare]:

1. Salary: basic salary + full attendance bonus + performance bonus + year-end bonus + Innovation bonus;

2. Regular salary increase: employees with outstanding performance and rapid progress can also receive salary increase and promotion from time to time according to their performance; salary adjustment will be made 1-3 times a year.

3. Working hours: (Monday to Saturday, 9:00-12:00, 13:00-18:30); regular weekend rest

4. Rest and vacation: enjoy the statutory holidays and paid holidays stipulated by the state

We seek to create a home atmosphere for the company. Each member exudes youth and vitality, comfortable modern office environment, fresh and green, harmonious atmosphere, convenient location, convenient transportation for work and accommodation. We look forward to your joining us to create our own tomorrow

Customer service clerks (10)

job content:

1. Assist other departments to complete the work better;

2. Responsible for tracking the outbound package logistics trajectory and updating flight information;

3. Responsible for active inquiry of packages within the time limit, and active feedback to service providers for handling abnormal packages;

4. Responsible for recording, following up and handling abnormal feedback from online customer service and service providers;

5. Relevant data processing.

Job requirements:

1. Have a good sense of service and strong communication skills;

2. Strong stability and adaptability, able to quickly integrate into the company and accept the corporate culture

3. Have customer service experience, technical secondary school or above;

4. Familiar with word, Excel and other office software.

International logistics sorter / tallyman

Job description:

1. The goods can be scanned by computer for storage, delivery, sorting and packing.

2. Be familiar with office software

3. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Senior high school / technical secondary school or above, welcome fresh graduates, 18-26 years old, in good health.

2. International express work experience is preferred;

3. Understand the basic operation of computer;

4. Have team spirit, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have sense of responsibility, obey company arrangement;

5. Working hours: 9:00-18:30 p.m,

6. Salary: basic salary + operation post salary + housing subsidy + full attendance bonus + overtime pay;

fringe benefits:

1. Six day working system, one day off on a fixed Sunday every week;

2. Overtime payment is calculated after 19:00 p.m

3. Colorful staff activities: staff dinner, birthday party, tourism activities once a year, excellent staff listZhang activities, etc;

4. Good promotion opportunities: internal transfer (horizontal development), vertical promotion;

5. Good working atmosphere and comfortable working environment.

Personnel Specialist / Assistant / Administrative Assistant / Clerk


1. Assist the superior to establish and improve the company's recruitment, training, wages, insurance, welfare, performance appraisal and other human resource system construction;

2. Establish and maintain personnel files, handle and update labor contracts;

3. Implement the operation process of human resource management and implement various rules and regulations, cooperate with other business departments;

4. Collect relevant labor and employment policies and regulations;

5. Implement the recruitment process, coordinate and handle the recruitment, entry, resignation, transfer, promotion and other procedures;

6. Coordinate new employee induction training, implement training plan, contact with external training organization, and track and feedback training effect;

7. Be responsible for employee's salary settlement and annual payroll declaration, and handle corresponding social insurance, etc;

8. Help to establish employee relationship, coordinate the relationship between employees and management, organize employee activities.


1. College degree or above in human resource or related major;

2. At least 1 year working experience in human resources;

3. Familiar with the operation process of human resource management practice, familiar with the national labor and personnel laws and policies, and can be used in practice

4. Good professional ethics, steadfast and steady, careful work, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and coordination ability, team spirit;

5. Proficient in using relevant office software, with basic network knowledge.

[salary and welfare]:

1. Salary: basic salary + full attendance bonus + performance bonus + year-end bonus + Innovation bonus;

2. Regular salary increase: employees with outstanding performance and rapid progress can also receive salary increase and promotion from time to time according to their performance; salary adjustment will be made 1-3 times a year.

3. Working hours: (9:00-12:00 from Monday to Saturday, 13:00-18:30); fixed rest on Sunday

4. Rest and vacation: enjoy the statutory holidays and paid holidays stipulated by the state

Freight driver

1. Responsible for the company's cargo delivery, quantity counting;

2. Responsible for the company's vehicle cleaning work;


1: C1 driving license or above, aged 18-35, with more than 3 years of practical driving experience

2. No bad driving records, no major accidents and traffic violations, with strong safety awareness;

3. Understand business reception etiquette, have a certain sense of service;

4. Practical, honest and honest, strong sense of confidentiality, strong sense of responsibility, can adapt to overtime.

Warehouse packing specialist

Age 18-35 years old, unlimited education and experience!

job content:

1. Carry out order distribution - packing - shipment, as well as statistics of warehousing and goods acceptance;

2. Be responsible for the storage of goods, so that reasonable and orderly placement;

3. Finish other tasks assigned by superior in time;

Job requirements:

1. Have a certain understanding of warehouse work, can operate simple computer, can make express bill;

2. They are not limited to education background, only practical and hardworking, willing to bear hardships and have a sense of responsibility;

3. Nimble, do not procrastinate, can obey the arrangement of superior leaders.

Marketing Specialist / Assistant


1. Be familiar with customers' products and provide relevant quotation of the company;

2. Understand the relevant docking personnel and work content of customers;

3. Be able to grasp the real-time trend of customers and do a good job in customer maintenance;

4. Order, check and deal with abnormal situation according to customer's requirement;

5. Responsible for the development of new customers in the market area, using the resources provided by the company to find customers who need to deliver goods.


1. Good temperament and image; high school degree or above;

2. Have high enthusiasm for sales work, do things carefully, do not procrastinate;

3. Lively personality, quick thinking, good adaptability and pressure bearing ability;

4. Have a strong sense of enterprise, responsibility and positive working attitude, sales experience is preferred.

Salary and benefits:

1. Salary 3000 ~ 10000 + business accrual; comprehensive salary 8000 ~ 12000, no ceiling;

2. Provide on-the-job skills training;

3. The company is equipped with mobile phones according to work needs, and bonus is paid according to performance;

4. If you need to go out to visit customers, equipped with special car pick-up;

5. Regularly hold internal competition for promotion, promotion space: employee manager senior manager director.