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Four major international products

Release date:2020-09-05

product description:

Runchengtong has a close cooperative relationship with DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX, covering a wide range (please see the quotation sheet for details), fast timeliness, suitable for the delivery of high-value, high-timeliness items, according to the relevant regulations of DHL, oversized goods A surcharge for oversized items is required, and a surcharge for remote areas is required; the tracking number is available after the goods arrive at Runchengtong. The tracking trajectory can be viewed on the official websites of the four major international products.

Product advantages:

Strong customs clearance capability, live products are available in some countries (please refer to the quotation table for details)

Product aging:

Fast timeliness (4-6 working days)

Product Overview:

1) Do not accept flammable and explosive articles, obscene articles, magnetic articles exceeding the standard, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, soluble paints, powders and liquids and other prohibited articles stipulated by the state; fines and confiscated if found Goods, if the circumstances are serious, will be handed over to relevant departments for processing. 2) Please refer to our price list for shipment requirements

Full tracking query URL: (DHL:www.dhl.com)(UPS:www.ups.com)(FEDEX:www.fedex.com)(TNT:www.tnt.com)(www.rct56.com)

Compensation standard: Please read this website (Necessary to Know for Cooperation) (Compensation Treaty) for standard.

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