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Japan special line COD

Release date:2020-09-05

Japan COD (quotation in RMB)


Freight and delivery fee

Collection fee


The first 0.5KG

Continue 0.5KG

8% of the collected amount

(This fee will be incurred if the receipt is not successful)

The payment will be returned one week after receipt, and the payment will be returned every Friday or Saturday.

General cargo (can be connected to built-in live products)



Please declare the product truthfully and choose the corresponding line. If there is a check of the red goods, a fine of 200 yuan/ticket is found. If the goods are not found, no compensation will be made.

Value-added services

Stock time:

It is free for 15 days, and the storage fee will be charged at 2.5 yuan/day/ticket if the time is exceeded. If the warehouse is not processed within 30 days from the date of withdrawal, it will be forcibly destroyed.

Shelf fee:

2 yuan per ticket.

Second reassignment:

10 yuan/ticket operation fee + first 0.5KG 48, 0.5KG 12 plus + handling fee (if remote, an additional 40 yuan/ticket)

Rejection, unsuccessful delivery

30 yuan per ticket.

Return a refund after signing

The refund handling fee is RMB 40 per ticket. The return fee is 45 yuan per ticket.

Remote fee

40 yuan per ticket, the zip code looks at the first two digits to determine whether it is remote, (Hokkaido, starting with 00, starting with 04 to 09) (Okinawa, starting with 90) (Kyushu, starting with 80 to 89)

Remarks: (Time limit is 4 to 6 days)

1) The maximum collection amount is 300,000 yen per ticket, and the goods will be shipped after another consultation.

2) The weight of the goods shall not exceed 5kg/ticket, within 120cm of the three sides, please consult separately.

3) Check the website http://www.rct56.com Japan Sagawa or Japan Post official website.

4) This line only accepts general goods and goods with remarks. There are special products that have not been properly shipped by the company, such as false advertising sales, incorrect versions of the goods, etc., and all the responsibility for the processing of the counterfeit goods is borne by the sender.

5) The same recipient address is exempted twice.

6) Sagawa and Japan Post are available for final delivery.

7) The payment exchange rate shall be settled at the central rate of Bank of China on the day.

8) Prohibited products: fresh and live, food, medicine, inflammable, explosive, corrosive, liquid, powder, munitions, and drugs. (Pure electricity, mobile power, please inquire)

9) Infringing products will not be accepted, and it is strictly forbidden to redistribute goods, otherwise a fine of 1000RMB/time/ticket

10) F cargo compensation standard: if customs deduction, the compensation will be twice the freight (including return freight)

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