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Runyoubao-R1 (US line)

Release date:2020-09-12

product description:

Runyoubao-R1 (US line) is an independent research and development channel of Shenzhen Runchengtong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. It is a special line service with favorable price and stable channel for B2C e-commerce based on the sales of products in the US market. The service is independently arranged by Runchengtong to take off from Hong Kong or the Mainland. After the commercial clearance is completed by DHL in the United States, it will be sent to the local DHL express for delivery. Fast timeliness, to meet the needs of customers with high requirements for logistics timeliness (Amazon, wish, etc.).

Product advantages:

1) It can accept textiles, products with batteries, mobile power supplies, pure battery products, electronic cigarettes without smoke oil, etc. 2) The same price across the United States without partitions, no housing fees, no remote surcharges, and all-inclusive tariffs.

Product aging:

The billing information of the day of the day and the next day will be picked up if there are no problems before 11 noon each day. Sign for receipt around 7 working days in West America, around 9 working days in America and China, and around 12 working days in East America.

Product Overview:

1) Do not accept flammable and explosive articles, obscene articles, magnetic articles exceeding the standard, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, soluble paints, powders and liquids and other prohibited articles stipulated by the state; fines and confiscated if found Goods, if the circumstances are serious, will be handed over to relevant departments for processing. 2) The length + width + height of the package shall not be greater than 66CM. 3) The packaging method of small bags is acceptable; the single piece must be less than 2KG, otherwise it will not be delivered or returned and will not be processed. 4) This channel only provides services in the United States, and does not provide services in remote areas such as affiliated islands, and does not accept military addresses and PO BOX addresses; remote areas are as follows: 006-009 PUERTO RICO AND VIRGIN LSLANDS Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, 966 -969 HAWAIIAND GUAM Hawaii, Guam, 995-999 ALASKA Alaska, etc. 5) Our company will charge 150RMB/single deduction for the goods that need to be deducted. Deduction does not guarantee 100% success; re-delivery requires another payment. 6) If the consignee's address or phone number is wrong and returned to our company in the United States, our company will charge 60 yuan per ticket for the operation fee and no abandonment. If you need to change the address and resend, you need to pay again.

Full tracking query URL: (www.rct56.com) (www.dhl.com) (www.17track.net).

Compensation standard: Please read this website (Necessary to Know for Cooperation) (Compensation Treaty) for standard.

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