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Runyoubao-R3 (registered)

Release date:2020-09-12

product description: 

Runyoubao-R3 is a dedicated R&D channel developed by Runchengtong for light and small products sold to EU countries, which is a special line service that accepts live electricity, is fast and has a favorable price. The first flight of this service is from the mainland or Hong Kong's abundant flight resources to the Netherlands by air, and the Dutch post is responsible for customs clearance and final delivery.

Product advantages:

Goods with built-in battery

Product aging:

Before 5 pm at Shenzhen Airport Station, the bill number interest on the next day is normal, and it will be picked up by the Netherlands in about 6 days. Signed for 10-13 working days.

Product Overview:

1) All goods that cannot be mailed or restricted in accordance with international aviation regulations, such as flammable and explosive materials, obscene materials, magnetic materials exceeding the standard, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, soluble paints, powders Liquids and other prohibited items stipulated by the state; fines and goods will be confiscated if found, and the case will be handed over to relevant departments for processing. A single ticket does not exceed 2 kg. Volume limitation: square: length + width + height ≤90cm, single side length ≤60cm. Axial shape: diameter*2+length≤104cm, unilateral length≤90cm.

Full tracking query URL: (www.rct56.com) (www.17track.net).

Compensation standard: Please read this website (Necessary to Know for Cooperation) (Compensation Treaty) for standard.

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