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Singapore COD

Release date:2020-09-05

Singapore COD (quotation in RMB)

The non-COD price is-freight plus delivery fee


Freight (0.1kg-20kg)

Delivery fee

Collection fee

period of payment

The first 100 grams

Continue 100 grams

The first 3KG

Continue 1KG

12 yuan per ticket
Exceeded by 2.5% of the collected amount

After signing
10 working days
Bills every Saturday

Singapore-General Goods

4 yuan

1 yuan

25 yuan

5 yuan

Singapore-sensitive goods

5 yuan

1.5 yuan

25 yuan

5 yuan

Please declare the product truthfully and choose the corresponding route. If there is a redemption (such as sensitive general goods, sensitive special goods), a fine of 100 yuan/ticket is found. If the redemption is not found, no compensation will be made.

Value-added services

Stock time:

It is reserved for 25 days for free, and a storage fee of 15 yuan/month/ticket will be charged for the excess time. If it is not processed within 60 days from the date of withdrawal, it will be forcibly destroyed.

Shelf fee:

2 yuan per ticket.

Shelf fee:

5 yuan/ticket operation fee + plus delivery fee

Rejection, unsuccessful delivery

No fee

Return a refund after signing

Refund handling fee is 5 yuan/ticket. The return fee is calculated based on the delivery fee.

Destruction fee

No fee

Remote fee

No fee

Remarks: (Oral products are not accepted, and imitation brand requires additional consultation.)

1) The maximum collection amount is 400 SGD per ticket, and the goods will be shipped after another consultation. (PK bag does not count the foam, the material weight is calculated as length*height*width/6000)

2) Sensitive goods: such as cosmetics, live electricity, magnetism, motors, motors, power banks, etc.

3) The sum of the three sides within 3KG cannot exceed 90CM, and the large single piece does not exceed 69KG, and two sides cannot exceed 80CM in length at the same time.

4) Query URL http://www.rct56.com

5) This line only accepts general goods and goods with remarks. There are special products that have not been properly shipped by the company, such as false advertising sales, incorrect version of the goods, etc., all responsibility for the calculation of the redemption processing shall be borne by the sender.

6) The same recipient address is exempted twice.

7) This quotation does not include destination taxes, remote surcharges, warehousing and return fees and fines caused by the recipient. If the recipient refuses to pay the above fees, it will automatically be paid by the mailer. The sender shall not pay any Reasons for refusal to pay.

8) There are ROADBULL and NINJAVAN available for final delivery

9) Prohibited products: fresh and live, food, medicine, flammable, explosive, corrosive, liquid, powder, munitions, and drugs.

10) The return exchange rate is based on the converted price of Bank of China, plus a 1% handling fee.

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