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Taiwan special line COD

Release date:2020-09-05

Taiwan special line-Taiwan COD (quotation in RMB)


Freight (COD)

period of payment

Non-collection freight (small cargo)

Non-collection freight (bulk goods)

First 1KG

Continue 0.5KG

Repayment every Wednesday, six times

The first 1KG

Continue 0.5KG


Ordinary goods (without electricity) without meter bubble

27 yuan

6 yuan

20 yuan

6 yuan

14 yuan/KG

Sensitive goods (live class)

29 yuan

6 yuan

22 yuan

6 yuan

15 yuan/KG

Ordinary snacks (biscuits, almonds, dried fruits, etc.)

32 yuan

9 yuan

25 yuan

9 yuan

17 yuan/KG

Health products (without medicinal tea)

36 yuan

10 yuan

30 yuan

10 yuan

19 yuan/KG

Fungus, red dates, walnuts

49 yuan

13 yuan

40 yuan

13 yuan

19 yuan/KG


130 yuan

65 yuan

130 yuan


130 yuan/KG

Value-added services

Inventory time:

Free retention for 30 days, and a storage fee of 2 yuan/month/ticket will be charged for the excess time. If it is not processed within 60 days from the date of withdrawal, it will be forcibly destroyed.

Shelf fee:

2 yuan/ticket

Second reassignment:

5 yuan/ticket operation fee + 15 yuan delivery fee + 6 yuan collection fee,

Rejection, unsuccessful delivery

No fee

Return a refund after signing

Refund handling fee is 5 yuan/ticket. The return fee is calculated as a 15 yuan delivery fee.

Destruction fee

No fee

Remote fee

58 yuan/ticket (remote areas inside and outside the island)


1) The collection amount is NT$5,000 per ticket, and an additional fee of NT$6 will be charged for each additional NT$5,000.

2) Query URL http://www.rct56.com

3) This line only accepts ordinary and normal export items, such as redemption, all responsibility is borne by the sender.

4) There are black cats and Hsinchu for final delivery

5) The repayment exchange rate is based on the real-time bank of Taiwan, and the cash exchange rate is based on the bank's selling price.

6) Prohibited products: fresh and live, food, medicine, flammable, explosive, corrosive, liquid, powder, munitions, and drugs.

7) Runchengtong International, customer code: 0499534-000-8, Taiwan customer service phone: 0974193065 03-3867378 Hu S

8) Remote areas of islands: the entire Penghu, Kinmen, and Little Kinmen.

9) No. 30, Yuhui Road, Dayuan District, Taoyuan City

10) The total length of the three sides of the internal dimension of 10KG cannot exceed 90CM. If the total weight exceeds 90-180CM, an additional 6.5 yuan/ticket will be charged, and 6.5 yuan/ticket will be added for each additional 90CM

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