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Release date:2020-09-12

Runchengtong-Taiwan Haikuai (quotation in RMB)




Low consumption

Delivery time/day

General cargo, live



15RMB delivery fee for less than 10KG

5-6 working days

Sensitive goods (liquid, powder)



5-6 working days

Please refer to the table below for specific sailing schedule:

Shenzhen Airport Station Statement Time

Tuesday at 5 pm

Thursday at 5pm

Sunday at 5 pm

The mainland export can be reported, plus 100RMB/ticket

Loading time:



On Tuesday

If you need to declare the goods to be delayed for 1-2 days

Dear customers:

 I especially recommend our Taiwan line-Haikuai, this line has been verified to be reliable and stable.

1. At present, there are three ships a week. Its advantages: liquid and powder cargo can be received, and the price of the latter formal customs declaration is economical. (Material calculation: length*width*height/7000)

2. The company does not accept animals and plants, medical supplies and peripheral related products, electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, atomizers, medicines, cosmetics (including medicinal properties). If your company is fined by customs for transporting these related items, you need to make up the customer appointment letter , If the letter of appointment cannot be made up, the fine will be borne by your company without any objection.

3. The above prices include customs clearance and delivery (to the customer's first floor), and do not include taxes and additional costs for formal customs declaration.

4. Restrictions: The packaging size does not exceed 110*110*300, and the single piece of goods weighing more than 70KG needs to be moved to the warehouse for formal customs declaration, plus a transfer fee of NTD500 and a declaration fee of NTD1000 (excluding Taiwanese invoice 5% tax). Actual reimbursement of rent and tax.

5. The above price does not include additional fees for remote areas. For remote areas, please refer to the table of remote areas in Dayong. For single items over 40KG or oversized goods, Dayong will charge extra fees or deliver by special car, and the cost will be reimbursed.

6. The packing list and invoice must be provided for formal customs declaration, and the original letter of appointment for the case should be sent to the customs broker.

7. Restricted goods must be truthfully informed. If the false report is seized, the extended costs incurred will be borne by the shipper.

8. The fragile products are packaged by the customer by themselves, and no claims will be made for damage. If the goods are lost, our company will not compensate according to the price of the goods, and the compensation will be 3 times the freight of the part weight of the lost item.

Warm reminder: Once your company has delivered the goods, our company will consider all the above content to be read and default. The company reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms and conditions!

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